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Ripple Pod by Wellon Review

Ripple Pod by Wellon is touted as a device that requires only one kiss to give you a great vape. If you want a simple device instead of a vape mods, check out Wellon’s collection. This company has some of the most advanced start kits on the market. At least one of the company’s devices uses skin sensing technology. It “senses” your lips via a magnetic strip on either side of the mouthpiece.

Although the Ripple Pod is not a vape pen, this device is compact and portable. This pod can be used to vape different types of materials including CBD and e-liquids.

Atomizer / Mouthpiece

The atomizer is equipped with a ceramic coil. The design is guaranteed to keep out leakage. It has a sleek design.  Wellon uses magnets connectors to insert and lock the atomizer in its box. This is the reason why it’s easy to use and carry.

How to Fill Up

To fill it up with e-juice, start by screwing off the sealing cap. Tilt the bottle at an angle while filling the e-liquid into the atomizer. A word of caution, don’t drip the e-juice down the center. Don’t fill the e-juice to the MAX level but just below it. After filling it up, return the sealing cap. Then push it down the base. The magnets will keep it locked in place.


The Ripple is small with dimensions of 80 x 30.5 x 16.5 mm. It is made of aluminum alloy and weighs only 48 grams when empty. Based on the size and weight, this is a lightweight device that you can carry everywhere. Even if it’s bulkier than a vape pen, the Ripple is small enough to carry in your pocket. The cartridge has a side window where you can check the level of your e-liquid. There’s also a Micro-USB slot for charging the battery.

The Ripple has an e-juice capacity of 2 ml. The atomizer is a combination of copper, glass, and magnet. Also, the coil is made of ceramic material. Also, the coil resistance is 1.4 Ohms. The Wellon Ripple is powered by a 650mAh battery and its charging time is only about an hour.

Package Content and Design

The blue box prominently displays the “Ripple” name and the product’s motto. Aside from the main vape mod unit, the box package also includes a micro USB cable and a manual. Ripple is also available in four colors: Black, Silver, Champagne Gold, and Rose Gold.

Most Important Features

Wellon’s Ripple comes with skin sensing technology. Therre are two magnets that activate once your lips hold the mouthpiece and inhale.

Unfortunately, you can just simply replace the coil in Ripple. You have to dispose of the entire pod. This is kind of wasteful, but it’s probably a trade-off for its lightweight and portability. But for what it is worth, the coil lasts for a long time. You can’t adjust the airflow of this vape mod. This is probably why Wellon designs this model with four air holes in place.


Once the Ripple is powered up and you have loaded the e-juice, you’re now ready to vape. As you press your lips on the mouthpiece, the magnets will activate the device. Depending on your e-juice preference, this vape mod can produce a lot of vapor.

The Ripple’s airflow is not adjustable, but it is wide enough. This isn’t a mouth-to-lung device but a direct lung type. With regards to the type of e-liquid best to use for the Ripple, the opinion is divided. Some reviewers don’t think that salt nic e-juices are suitable for this vape mod.


Overall, the Ripple is what Wellon has promised. It’s compact and light. It has a powerful battery with a fast charging time. Visit the Wellon Tech site to learn more about this device.

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