CBDfx CBD Wax Concentrated Dab Review

Did you know you need to dab a CBD wax to use it? Just let me be clear though. I am not referring to the internet dance craze in which you drop your head into a bent crook of a slanted, angled arm. It is more of how a new method of ingesting CBD. This process is becoming popular, and many CBD makers are starting to join the CBD dab bandwagon.

How are CBD dabs made?

There are a number of ways to extract CBD from the cannabis plant. But the cleanest and most effective way is the CO2 method, which uses carbon dioxide to eliminate other compounds and substances from the plant. As a result, all that is left is the purest form of CBD. To get the CBD, budtenders need to pull it from hemp plants, thereby reducing the traceable amount of THC found in the wax. This way, it is easier to inject CBD isolate, which is usually in the form of an oil.

Where can I buy one?

Since CBD is an unregulated compound, you can easily fall prey to malicious companies. Save yourself from predators and choose brands that can be trusted. Personally, CBDfx is the go-to company for my CBD needs. It has tons of CBD products so you will definitely find something that will suit you.

The first time CBDfx released its CBD wax concentrated dab product, I was very eager to give it a try. The dabbing process was also all new and exciting to me. The company is committed to producing a concentrated and strong wax for its consumers. It filters its CBD oil from 100% organically grown hemp plants from the EU.

The nice thing about using CBDfx CBD wax is that it is rich with CBD, terpenes, and amino acids. Terpenes are responsible for giving plants their scent. However, when combined with CBD, terpenes’ role is just beyond being a nose pleaser. Anecdotal evidence suggests that terpenes help boost the effect of CBD in the body. It can promote sleep, improve focus, and increase acuity, to name a few. The wax also contains a gram of 30% CBD oil and 300mg of pure CBD.

I have trouble sleeping at night, but ever since I started dabbing, my sleep pattern significantly improved. Dabbing allows fast absorption of a highly concentrated amount of CBD, and this is why I think it is very effective. Aside from helping me sleep, I feel calmer and less anxious. I tried taking sleeping pills before too, which are also effective. However, I have to suffer from groggy mornings and a few side effects. This is perhaps why I easily fell in love with CBD. So far, I did not experience any untoward reactions.

I have a few friends who dab CBD too, and I asked for their honest opinions about it for this review. Nearly all of them are happy with the results. A colleague said that she noted positive improvement of her migraine. Another one agreed with me when I said CBD wax helped me sleep through the night and wake up refreshed the next day. Another friend ditched her pain killers for CBD.

Just be clear though. These are just our testimonials and do remember that our bodies may react differently. What I mean to say is that what is effective for you may not be effective for me and vice versa. Also, before discontinuing any of your maintenance medications, it is best if you consult your physician about it.

To dab CBD wax, you need a whole setup. (CBDfx offers a CBD wax plus dab pen package for only $94.98 at CBDfx.com.) To dab, you need to place the wax over a heating element to vaporize. In the CBDfx setup, all you need to do is remove the top of the dab pen to access the coil. Then, place a small amount of dab directly on to the coil and return the top back. Just press the button, inhale the vapor, and voila, that is dabbing my friends.

A gram of CBDfx CBD wax concentrated dabs costs $49.99 only. Using just a rice grain sized dab each use, then you can enjoy roughly 20 servings. Happy dabbing!   

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