Best Fruit E-Juice Flavor Concentrates to Use in Your DIY Vape Juice

The vaping market is filled with thousands of e-juice flavor concentrates from many brands. Searching for that e-liquid whose flavor tastes best in an e-liquid juice is not an easy task as many think it is. With such a huge number of e-liquid flavor concentrates on the market, getting the best flavor for your e-liquid mix can give you a headache. It is based on this reason that we decided to make a list of the best e-liquid flavor concentrates for your e-liquid flavoring kit. This list only comprises of fruit e-liquid flavors from top companies that host a variety of DIY flavor concentrates. 

Aniseed: best at intense range. Only 4% will be enough in your mix.

Apples: after trying out several apple e-liquid flavors concentrates, I settled on apple flavor. Mixing at 5% is enough in a mix.

Banana: this flavor concentrate will give you a very accurate fresh banana flavor which is very close to a real banana. It is also good to mix at 5%.

Blueberry: this flavor is very realistic as a standalone concentrate like a blueberry’s natural flavor. Blueberry flavor concentrate is sweet, juicy and has sharp undertones. As a single flavor, use just 8%.

Blue Rasberry: Blue Rasberry has a mild taste. Mixing should be done at 10%.

Coconut extra: The suggested starting mix within a recipe is 1% whereas as a standalone concentrate, the suggested mixing should t 2%.

Dragon Fruit: this fruit flavor concentrates offers an accurate Dragon fruit smell between pear and kiwi. It also has a very clear exotic taste and smell.

Grape candy:  although I may be a great fan of grape flavors, this fruit flavor concentrate is highly-rated.

Guava: has a unique taste and fragrance of guavas. It provides an exotic freshness to the vaping experience through its sharp variant of lemon rind. It is a great staple that you should have in your DIY fruit basket.

Hazelnut: hazel e-juice provides a nutty flavor in your DIY e-liquid. Its natural flavor contains sweet and buttery goodness. This smoothly crafted hazelnut flavor sparkles inside your baked mix. 

Lemon: this lemon flavor concentrate provides a realistic fresh lemon taste that is sharp, zingy, and with a good citrus kick. The flavor of lemon is captured exceptionally well with its tart and fresh lemon taste.

Lime: this concentrate can be good as a standalone flavor concentrate or mixed with other flavors.

Mango: this is the flavor that many companies like Flavorah, The Flavor Apprentice, Inawera and Rainbow vapes seem to get it right.

Orange: Capella juicy orange leads followed by Flavor west oranges.

Rasberry: The Flavor’s Apprentice raspberry is very popular among DIY mixers. You cannot go wrong as well with raspberry offered by Inawera.

Strawberry: this flavor is by far the most used concentrate than any other tropical fruit flavor. Every brand including Flavorah, Inawera, Capella, The Flavor’s Apprentice, among others have recorded high sales with strawberry.

Watermelon: personally, I am not a huge fan of watermelon fruit flavors. However, these flavors are very popular and bestsellers in various vape companies.

As a beginner, we recommend you start with one or two flavors concentrates that you can get from vape companies including Capella, Inawera, Flavorah, FlavorArt among others before advancing from there. Vape companies like Flavorah also provide a vape juice recipe book that you can use together with their flavor concentrates.

We love to hear from you. Let us know your favorite fruit e-liquid flavor concentrate. If there is a fruit flavor you love that is missing from the list, let us know about it in the comment section below.