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VaporTech Vapo – SUMMER MENTHOL (3 pods per pack) Review

Vapo Summer Menthol is a popular disposable salt nicotine pod by Vaportech USA. It comes with a 60mg (6%) nicotine concentration. There will be three disposable pods in one pack. You can take about 280 puffs per pod that can be disposed of once you run out of juice or battery. This compact device can be transported easily. Its portability made it a favorite pod for many vapers around the world. If you are looking for a convenient device to carry along while traveling, Summer Menthol Vapo is the best choice. You can easily conceal Summer Menthol Vapo.

Summer Menthol Vapo by Vaportech USA comes pre-filled with nicotine salt formulation. This pinky sized device fits comfortably in your hands. It is very convenient to use, no refilling, charging, or maintenance required. You can open the package and directly start vaping. Summer Menthol Vapo can be activated just by taking an inhale on the mouthpiece. You can use this device at any moment you need. It can deliver amazing flavor and nicotine hit that your taste buds so desperately longing for.

As all of us know, summer comes only once a year. But when you use Summer Menthol Vapo pods, you will certainly feel like summer is all year round.  This disposable pod is filled with the best menthol-flavored salt nicotine salt vape juice. Vaportech USA always makes flavorful products that stand out from the crowd. That is the reason why Vaportech fans are trying their products again and again. Each Summer Menthol Vapo pod is filled with 1.2ml of vape juice. You can dispose of the pod once you run out of juice and pick up a new one.  As it is a draw activated device, you have to remove the mouthpiece to start vaping right away. You can feel the deliciousness and cooling effect of menthol with each draw you take. The taste of this peppermint and spearmint mixture makes your taste buds come back for more.

As Summer Menthol Vapo contains salt-based nicotine, you will get an intense throat hit that is smooth on your throats. This means you can enjoy the whole experience without worrying about the negative repercussions like a scratchy throat. The clouds that come out when you exhale spread unforgettable fragrance around you. Vaportech uses high-quality ingredients such as Vegetable Glycerin (VG), Propylene Glycol (PG), USP grade nicotine, food-grade artificial flavorings to make their juices. In this, the VG/PG ratio is 50/50 that is good enough for producing good flavor and vapor clouds. The overall performance of this disposable vape pod is excellent.

VaporTech Vapo – Summer Menthol (3 pods per pack) is available for purchase online at Vaportech USA for an amazing price of $19.99. Vaportech USA is a leading vaping products manufacturer in the US. They produce a wide range of premium quality products that are truly amazing in both quality and performance. They offer delivery services to all states in the US through USPS.